Humility Matters

The correct posture of any Christian is to be on our face before God. Jesus has made a way for us to go boldly into the throne room of God. At the heart of idolatry is a pursuit of comforts and convenience. The world economic system works to create comforts and convenience for personal use and the use of businesses. Whatever a thing is, if it creates more comfort or more convenience it is more valuable. When a good or service is rare it is more valuable. Ultimately, these things are the driving force behind materialism which is the politically correct way of saying money is your master. People faithfully serve their Lord and Savior “Money” with their whole heart, because with more money comes more comfort and convenience. Idolatry is when we replace the Creator with created things. We deceive ourselves into believing they will take care of us.

Idolatry is not always obvious, especially to our own self. It is subtle, and can work its way into the smallest of places. As business owners or managers we are responsible to maximize the value of our firm with high ethical standards while considering the stakeholders along with stockholders. This pressure can lead to business professionals abandoning their dependence on God. (Cue Sarcasm) After all they are the ones taking care of themselves. It was their hard work that led to this success. We must always remind ourselves that all things are under His governance, and any good gift is from the Father above. We can’t abandon our dependence on God for wisdom, direction, and counsel from His Word. Our life will go well, and we will be blessed when we fear the Lord, and walk in his ways.

We usually don’t hit our knees & look to the North until we collapse under the weight of being our own God. Our default setting is to take all the credit when we achieve success, and blame God for it all when things go wrong. Humility matters to God, and it should matter to us. Our default setting is not to be humble, but rather to marvel at ourselves, and proclaim to all our own magnificence. This is why the Scripture says we are to “Humble ourselves”. So in all things whether successful, unsuccessful, wealthy, or poor always look to the North where your help comes from, where the great and might King lives.


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